7 seconds –they can define you


You are ready for a new day, the alarm of the clock is making an unbelievable excruciating sound which bounce back like a tennis ball. You want to stay in bed so much that you nestle yourself up, promising only two more seconds for you and the bed comfort that surrounds you. You refuse to open your eyes given that doing so it will kill the last hope of spending few more moments in your bed. But, no, your brain is rushing around like that comic hero ‘the Flash’ in searching for an answer to what you are supposed to do today. In a fracture of the second, you open your eyes as an adrenaline has flown in you, because you remember that you have a very important day. Probably running errands for your boss and making an interview for a new secretary.

The clock rang.

You are up.

In a rush, your brush your teeth, have a breakfast, be careful not to impede yourself into something as you are checking your emails, dressing up and texting a message to  someone. Be careful with the coffee, no time for changing if you get a stain on your blouse.

Great! You put your shoes on, looking around for the last time, checking your bag, everything is there, but your apartment looks like a messy retail shop during the sale peak season. You don’t care much, just turning around and shutting the door behind you telling yourself that you will clean up a bit after work. (But when you made that promise, you forgot that it’s Monday! (So, probably not on Monday!)

Finally, you are on the streets, waiting for a bus to catch. The question is : do you know how many people do you meet on daily basis on your way to work and back. The fact is, nobody knows, it depends on your geographical area, of course, and from where to where you travel when you go to work. However, if you live in a big city like London, New York or Paris, you would encounter on daily basis huge population of people, who just like you go to work and live their lives like you, more or less. The point is that you don’t know these people and they probably don’t have the foggiest idea who you are, unless you wear your job badge as you are required to do so when you go to work. You meet these colourful representation of human being, unfortunately without knowledge of their life, for three seconds or more, if you walking across them on the streets. In that nameless crowd could be some of your friends or potential lover, who knows, yes, who knows after all.

Do you spend time wondering who are these people, from where they come, what they want to do with their life?

Sometimes, you don’t have time to make an impression of them, sometimes you are more lucky. Here are the news: the first impression can be forged within the lifespan of only SEVEN seconds. That’s right, not seven minutes, only seven seconds. Psychologists say that we judge the others by implicating a characteristic traits on them based on their appearance, which is somewhat ludicrous given that we have such knowledge of the human behavior and we don’t expect to be so instinctive in our judgement.

However, a study has proven that a baby –faced individuals are less likely to receive judgmental type of behavior from the others than people with mature faces (Montepare & Zebrowitz, 1998; Zebrowitz, 1999).

So, do you think that your seven seconds can have the same effect on people you don’t know, people you meet only for seconds during the day? How many of them you remember and what makes you  remember them, how do you choose and why?

So many questions, so little time.

Make sure you use your seven seconds wisely, you don’t know into whom you might bump next time.


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